Showcatcher Pro

This part of the site is for Industry Professionals, Producers, Show creators, Marketing, PR and Social teams.

Showcatcher has been designed as a forum to connect ticket buyers with shows in a user friendly way targeted at their particular interests and wherever they are based.

For the Professional it is a way of promoting your show to provide the ticket buyer with as much information as possible to encourage their interest, be it written background, photographs, audio material or a promo clip. Existing media reviews can be shown in full or in part along with their star rating.

Shows can be loaded onto the site by a Professional user and managed by them on an ongoing basis. In some instances shows will come from an API link, in which case the producer can first claim it and then manage the relevant page.

Ticket buyers to live events can also review productions and leave a star rating, which is aggregated as a summary on the show page.

The aim is that the public get a rounded and full view of a production to encourage them to enjoy live arts and entertainment.

The site has also been adapted to show video content for ticket buyers that can’t get out to a performance space, something that is especially relevant at the moment. At the start of the lock down there was a rush of artists putting free content on the internet. You can also show this with us, but the priority is for performance work (or classes) that can command a ticket price, which will bring money back to the creators.

Showcatcher will continue to be developed according the needs of the industry. 

To get started, just sign up for an account and select Join Showcatcher Pro.