About - The Big heArt Busk

Busking the weekend of 2/3/4 October 2020

The weekend of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October will come alive with live arts and entertainment for all to enjoy in green, public spaces, theatre foyers and anywhere accessible to a safe space for an audience.

An opportunity for artists and entertainers around the UK to get out and celebrate live performance anywhere they can and get some financial support from the public! Most artists are freelance and have not had any support or income through this very difficult time. 


Performers around the country have been locked up for too long. This is an open call to everyone to get out of their homes and take performance to the people.

Inspired by DistDance and Royal Ballet dancers Annette Buvoli and Harry Churches performing a duet on Hoxton docks canal-side to an audience of walkers and cyclists on the opposite bank.  Big heART Busk will see performances of any kind from comedy, monologues, poetry, dance, clowning, music, and visual artists at work.  The audiences can be anyone - art seekers unsuspecting shoppers, sunbathers, walkers, runners and picnickers.  All enjoying living, breathing art happening live.


How: Artists are asked to register here and submit their Busk to this site. You can add your: 

  • ‘Busking’ and their performance(s)/activity(s)
  • Dates/Times
  • Places - and pin your location on a map
  • Upload an image and/or teaser video
  • Bank or Paypal details (for your payouts)

We are also encouraging performers to record their busk on a phone and upload this onto the site. This can then be shown online - and you can set your own ticket price.  


You can search for your favourite performers, performance type and find out what's happening near you via an interactive map. 

In compliance with COVID-19 physical distancing measures, the live performances won’t involve any direct physical interaction with the public and will only be staged outdoors at a distance from any passers-by.

Show your support for artists and performers up & down the country by donating to them directly online via this site - our virtual Busking Hat - or return after the show and purchase access to video of the busk. 

If you love your arts and entertainment - support the artists! 

Supported by: Foyle Foundation

Promoted by: Assembly Theatre

Facilitated by: Showcatcher.com